General Terms of Sale and Delivery for

1. Scope

The following General Terms of Sale and Delivery apply to business relations between the company Contrinex AG and the Buyer exclusively for sales conducted through Terms of sale and delivery under pre-existing business relations with Contrinex AG remain unaffected but are not applicable within the context of purchases through Any of the Buyer's purchasing conditions that contradict this contract are excluded from it, even if Contrinex AG omits to exclude them explicitly. The General Terms of Sale and Delivery set out below override those of the Buyer.

The Buyer accepts the scope of the contract and these General Terms of Sale and Delivery by placing the order or tacitly on acceptance of Contrinex AG’s order acknowledgement.

2. Validity of Offer

Contrinex AG reserves the right of prior sale for items forming the subject of the offer. All details of the offer, including price, require a written confirmation by Contrinex AG on acceptance of order.

3. Price

Unless otherwise stated, all prices shall be deemed to be net ex works in EUROs excluding shipping costs and taxes, without any deductions whatsoever. All additional charges, such as carriage, insurance, fees for export, transit, import and other permits and certificates shall be borne by the Buyer. Likewise, the Buyer shall be liable for all kinds of taxes, fees, customs duties, excise duties, environmental taxes and contributions, etc, and similar charges.

Contrinex AG exercises due diligence in maintaining all information on its websites. If an incorrect price is shown on the website of as the result of an error, Contrinex AG has the right to make a price correction to orders which the Buyer has already created.

4. Terms of Payment

Payment shall be made in full at the time of order by credit card (MasterCard, Visa) or debit card (Maestro) via an online payment processing service (PayPal, Skrill). If payment is not received at the time stipulated in Contrinex AG’s order acknowledgement, delivery may be delayed. The Buyer may not withhold or reduce payments on account of complaints, claims, returns or cancellations.

5. Property Right

Contrinex AG shall retain ownership of the goods supplied until full payment has been received. On receipt of full payment, ownership of the goods passes to the Buyer. During delivery of the goods, Contrinex AG shall take any measures necessary for the protection of the Buyer’s property, in particular the full insurance of such property. On acceptance of delivery from the delivery agent, the Buyer assumes full responsibility for the goods, in particular their insurance protection.

6. Delivery Time

The delivery time shall commence on the date of contract creation, on condition that all official formalities, such as import and payment permits have been obtained, payments due with order have been received by Contrinex AG and technical points have been settled.

7. Delivery and Transport

Only orders with a delivery address within the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland can be accepted.

The goods are deemed accepted by the Buyer on presentation by the delivery agent. It is the Buyer's responsibility to receive and store goods properly after presentation by the delivery agent. The Buyer is not entitled to claim indemnity or cancel the contract if delivery is delayed or for any reason unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. If dispatch is delayed or prevented by circumstances beyond Contrinex AG’s control, the goods shall be stored at the Buyer’s expense and risk.

8. Returns

Products purchased at can be returned within the number of days specified according to each receiving country's legal requirements, starting from the date of reception by the Buyer.

Prior to returning goods, a written request to return must be communicated to Contrinex AG. The returned item needs to be intact and returned in its original packaging. Goods can only be returned with Contrinex AG's prior agreement. After Contrinex AG has accepted the request to return, the Buyer can dispatch the purchased goods.

Any refund will be made to the Buyer as soon as possible.

Transport damages should be reported immediately to the delivery agent.

Contrinex AG is liable only for the costs of the product if Contrinex AG does not comply with these terms of sale and delivery; Contrinex AG is not liable for any other losses incurred by the Buyer, such as loss of income or loss of revenue.

9. Garantee

Contrinex AG undertakes upon written request of the Buyer to repair or replace at his own discretion and as quickly as possible, any parts exhibiting deficiencies due to faulty material, bad design or poor workmanship. Replaced parts shall become Contrinex AG’s property. The Buyer shall not be entitled to claim indemnity for deficiencies in the goods delivered, in particular to damages for cancellation of contract.

The guarantee period is 24 months. It begins when the goods are dispatched from Contrinex AG’s works. Excluded from the guarantee are losses resulting from natural wear, improper maintenance, failure to observe the operating instructions, excessive loading, the use of unsuitable media, the influence of chemical or electrolytic action, unsatisfactory building or erection or other reasons beyond the control of Contrinex AG, especially damage by fire or explosions. Contrinex AG’s liability shall cease if the Buyer or a third party undertakes changes or repairs of the goods without Contrinex AG’s written consent; likewise if the Buyer does not take immediate steps to prevent the damage from becoming more serious when Contrinex AG is able to rectify the defect. For materials or goods supplied by third parties Contrinex AG accepts liability only to the extent of the subcontractor’s guarantee liabilities.

10. Technical Documents

Drawings, photographs and diagrams are not binding. Offers, drawings and other documents remain the property of Contrinex AG. The Buyer shall not - without the written consent of Contrinex AG - put them at the disposal of third parties.

11. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction, Law Applicable

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the place of performance and jurisdiction for both parties is Givisiez, Switzerland. The contract shall be governed by Swiss law. Terms other than those stipulated in these General Terms of Sale and Delivery are not applicable if they are not expressly acknowledged in writing by Contrinex AG.


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